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   Signature Set TonyVilella


"Portrait Essentials" developed by Tony Vilella, in partnership with the tattoo ink company "Raw Pigments." This exclusive set of inks has been carefully created to meet the needs of tattoo artists of all levels, inspired by classical realism painting.

"Portrait Essentials" is comprised of 10 different colors, all carefully developed by Tony Vilella in collaboration with Raw Pigments. Each color has been chosen based on Tony's experience and skills, ensuring that the set offers a complete range of ideal shades and nuances for realistic tattoos.

Inspired by classical realism painting, the ink set seeks to capture the subtle characteristics and fine details found in artwork. Tony Vilella, renowned for his mastery and authenticity, has applied his knowledge and expertise in selecting the colors for the set. Each shade has been meticulously formulated to allow tattoo artists to achieve impressive effects in their work.

Furthermore, the partnership with Raw Pigments ensures the quality and safety of the inks. The company is recognized for its dedication to producing high-standard tattoo inks, using quality ingredients and following industry best practices. "Portrait Essentials" has been developed with the same commitment, ensuring that tattoo artists can work with confidence and achieve exceptional results.

"Portrait Essentials" is an ideal choice for both beginner tattoo artists and experienced professionals. Each color has been carefully selected to allow for a wide range of artistic possibilities, from subtle and delicate portraits to more complex and dramatic works. Tattoo artists have at their disposal a versatile set of inks that allows them to bring their work to life in a unique way.

Additionally, "Portrait Essentials" has been designed to provide a smooth and consistent application, ensuring exceptional results in every tattoo. The texture and pigmentation of the inks have been meticulously tested to provide a smooth flow, making the tattoo artist's work easier and allowing for greater precision.

The "Portrait Essentials" tattoo ink set is a revolutionary product born from the collaboration between Tony Vilella and Raw Pigments. With its 10 carefully developed colors inspired by classical realism painting, this set offers tattoo artists the opportunity to create incredibly realistic tattoos. Whether you are an up-and-coming tattoo artist or an established professional, "Portrait Essentials" will undoubtedly enhance your work.

   Signature Set TonyVilella

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