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Skin as canvas, art as expression

Every tattoo unfolds a story

With over 18 years devoted to tattoo art, I offer personalized service and excel in various styles. If your project is chosen, expect top-tier techniques, meticulous design, and access to premium tattoo materials. Specializing in realism, black and grey, color work, oriental designs, cover-ups, and more. Trust me to bring your vision to life with a unique and striking tattoo.



Guaranteed Results

With over 18 years dedicated to tattooing, my work stands the test of time as the best way to test a tattoo's durability. Having served thousands of clients, experience quality art with me. 

Master tattoo artist

Nossas Instalações

I've assisted thousands of tattoo artists in improving their work during my long journey in the tattooing industry. My years of dedicated experience grant me both authority and profound knowledge in tattooing as a whole. 

The innovative methods and techniques I've come up with not only impress clients but also catch the eye of fellow professionals looking to step up their game, making customer service better and boosting profits significantly.

Nossos Métodos
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My background in classical art gives my colorful works a distinctive signature, drawing inspiration from the oil paintings of the great masters. Through my journey in tattooing, I've developed a technique that fuses traditional artistry with contemporary innovation.

Black and Grey

I specialize in solid and long-lasting black and grey tattoos. One of the common pitfalls among tattoo artists in this style is the lack of solidity, which can lead to reduced durability. With my black and grey tattoo technique, I ensure clients get ink that stands the test of time.

Exclusive Designs

By working one-on-one, I create custom tattoo designs that reflect each client's individuality and style, making every tattoo experience personal and meaningful.


My solid pigment and precise technique are essential for achieving excellent results in tattoo cover-ups

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